How to Find the Best Event Planners in Biloxi

How to Find the Best Event Planners in Biloxi

Hiring an event planner in Biloxi does not have to be a hard task. All you need to do is find the best ones for your needs and carefully screen them before committing. Keep reading, and you will find out some things to look out for and follow to find the best event planner for you.

What Is Your Objective

Before you go out and ask friends and family for references, you need to find out the event’s goal, the budget you’re working with, and your reason for hiring a planner instead of doing it yourself. The critical thing is to be able to be able to communicate extensively for an event if you need to and its most important goals. Once you’ve thought out your objectives and ideas regarding the theme and message, you want to convey. The next step is determining a budget.

You will use the budget to determine how much you have for a planner and what they are expected to do. Some of the responsibilities event planners do are selecting the venue, recommending food and beverage choices, find speakers and entertainment, be on-site for day-of production needs, and create the invitations.

Hammer Out the Budget

Most people are looking to hire an event planner for the first time, sometimes want a champagne event on a can soda budget. Your event planner can make the best of your budget, but you may have to ground your vision to earth.

You and the planner need to work together to come up with a realistic budget. And don’t forget to ask about the fees that will be charged by the event planner, and how they will be added into the budget. Event planner’s fees and how they are charged vary widely.

Event planners typically request their clients to provide deposits, paperwork, and contracts, as well as the event venues and the services they offer. It is recommended to have an attorney review any agreements before you sign them.

Searching for The Right One

It does not matter if it is a social event or a corporate meeting; you should hire someone who has the knowledge and expertise in creating your type of event you’re requesting. Referrals by friends and family are one way to find an event planner, whether it’s a wedding, company breakfast meeting, weekend get-away, or any other type of event. But it’s not always the best way. If you’re searching for the best event planner for your event, look for companies in Biloxi that are experienced and have a solid reputation. Peer reputation is also an indicator that they could be better than the rest.

When searching for a proficient career planner in your area and want to know who has a good reputation, the best way is to check the following places: local convention center, visitor’s bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, you might also reach out to a hotel’s sales department.

Interview Potential Applicants

Many event planners will be excited to hear about your event. During the initial round of interviews, give them brief details at first, and focus on their expertise. Afterward, reduce your list of applicants to the three most reliable applicants. Some questions you can ask each applicant should fall within their knowledge about their business, how did their experience go with past events, and how do they plan for contingencies. 

The best career planner will walk you through a discussion about the following things:

  • The event’s overall objectives 
  • Timeline 
  • Budget 
  • Guest count 
  • Personal preferences 
  • Ask final questions about your organization

Sometimes, it’s not possible to meet an applicant in person during the first round of interviews. Which is why it’s best to meet the planner in person as this step is critical. You’ll want the candidate who has real rapport with you.

The final step is to check their references and contact previous clients and make sure there aren’t any really bad events in his or her past.

Make Your Selection

Once you’ve hired the right one for you, it would be the right time to share the detailed plan with the event planner. It’s the time to think about creative ideas and toss out the ideas that don’t work.

Some Things to Consider

Most bad things that happen are because of the lack of follow-through. Planning an event requires an effective synchronization of logistics. Meaning, stay on top of the project and don’t make the event planner to make significant decisions without your input or knowledge. If all goes as planned, the event planning process will be a success and you will have added a proficient event planner to your network for future needs. If the process hits a bump before the big day, step in and correct it. Misunderstandings can be worked out. Unexpected problems can be fixed.

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