Steps to Becoming an Effective Event Planner in Biloxi

Steps to Becoming an Effective Event Planner in Biloxi

If you have always had the goal of being an event planner for a wedding, party, or family event. Then this article is for you. We will teach you the steps to becoming the best event planner you can in Biloxi.

Far too often, the fear of the unknown often holds people back from planning the event of their dreams, they start questioning themselves asking questions such as “what if my client do not like the color I chose” or “What if I didn’t get the right place to hold their function.” 

Being complacent and not taking any action to improve on your existing skills and hopping right into hosting your first Event may be detrimental to the overall success of it, and you will never plan the event you have fantasized about. So, what do you need to get started? Keep reading below.

Building Your Skills Resume

Step 1: Start Volunteering More

Volunteering for the small details that make events the best, such as caterers, florists, nonprofits, or working alongside an established event planner can help you tremendously. Your long-standing success in event planning will be centered around your client and how well they enjoyed the event you took on. This means, if you’re thinking about getting started as an event planner, you should understand what an event planner is responsible for and what skills are needed.

Step 2: Take on more responsibility

Strive to become the catering manager, or head of a fundraiser for a nonprofit, or request to take on a lead-planning role at an event planning company. To do this, you must decide your niche market and focus on gaining the necessary experience to become more effective in that field. The more you grow, the broader range of services you can offer later; once you are better established, but finding out the niche which fits you early helps you focus on finding the right vendors to work with and clients to sought out relationships with, and events to plan. There are a few questions, you should take the time to ask yourself to help determine your niche:

  • What event services do you have to provide?
  • Who do you like working with?
  • What type of budgets do you want to work with, and what fits you?
  • Will you provide the full-service planning or day of management?
Step 3: Network. Network. Network

It is not about what you know. It is who you know and if you plan on being an Event Planner in Biloxi. Networking is key! Take the time to go to seminars and networking events to hand out business cards and meet some of the people who may hire you. Additionally, as you go about your day, hand out your business cards to anyone you feel is a prospective client and collect contact information for the people you meet. After every meeting or introduction, follow up with a sincere email concerning how nice it was to meet them while also describe your event planning service.

Step 4: Showcasing Events with a Portfolio 

Show your work with photos, brochures, and invitations of the events you’ve planned, and if you are allowed, add the event you planned them for, by doing this, it will deem you more professional in the client’s eyes. Take the time to organize each piece online to efficiently represent your client’s experience with you and share your stories. Most people are visual so it’s essential to paint a clear picture for them!

Step 5: Take Courses Related to Event Planning 

To be a successful Event Planner, you must take courses to improve your skills and avoid stagnating. Your success as an event planner in Biloxi is based upon your experience and knowledge. Taking professional courses will increase your credibility, improve upon your existing knowledge about industry trends, and help you establish useful contacts within the industry.

Step 6: Create a business plan

If you are serious about being an Event Planner in Biloxi, you should start thinking of your business plan. Some key things to use when creating a business plan is below:

  • Key Partnerships
  • Key Activities
  • Key Resources
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels
  • Cost Structure

Adding these seven business models to your business plan may help you better to achieve your goals.

Step 7: Register Your Business 

Local government websites list the licenses you need to run a business. While there is no licenses required for event planners, you should work to obtain a Certified Special Events Professional, or CSEP. If you have that certification it will distinguish you from your competition and shows your potential clients, your level of commitment to your craft. You may also obtain certification as a Certified Meeting Planner.

Things to Consider

Whether your first event is corporate or social, you have a lot riding on it. Many people attempting to get into the industry go about it in the wrong way; you can’t just take a course, graduate, and start searching for entry-level positions. Having a career in event planning doesn’t require qualifications to excel. Employers are looking for people with the right skills, personal qualities, and—above all else—experience. In this industry, getting hired doesn’t involve blindly sending out resumes to get experience; it’s all about networking, contacts, and relationships.

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